Basic gift in Yamanashi. Elementary knowledge of “kikyo Shingen rice cake”

The “kikyo Shingen rice cake” of “Kikyo-ya” which is so fixed that I say when I say a gift in Yamanashi-ken. It’s the Japanese confection which keeps being loved by many people with the results which won Monde selection gold prize, 2012-in 2014.

Special molasses is poured over the rice cake I covered, and soybean flour is eaten, a package with flower patterns is lovely and is also typical goods of the Chinese bellflower seller who has started the business in early years of Meiji era.

Basically, 20 of kikyo Shingen rice cake is sold by a set of entering from 2 beginning. By over the counter sale, 2 entering, 306 yen (excluding tax) and 20 entering, 2769 yen (excluding tax).

Use-by date and preservation method

The use-by date of kikyo Shingen rice cake is said to be 12 days according to a official site in a Chinese bellflower shop.
It’s said that 2-about 3 days is also eaten by use-by date cloth, but you’d like to have in the use-by date as expected, right?

kikyo Shingen rice cake ice

The “kikyo Shingen rice cake ice” sold by natural LAWSON is Suites Hotel where it can also be said the standard arrangement goods. There is rice cake cut in a medium small. When a gobbet stuffs its mouth, it’s healed by the easy sweetness of the molasses and fragrant soybean flour♪.

A premium also exists in kikyo Shingen rice cake ice, and rice cake is increased and I usually eat more than an edition, respond and raise! It’s apparent gusto so that it can also be said the end of total Suites Hotel. Goods along a season such as powdered green tea and the cherry tree taste are also sold.

kikyo Shingen raw pudding

The flavor of the soybean flour with fresh fresh cream is also pudding which melts with the abundant body. The taste which are two when I taste, and molasses is poured over it from the back, with lacking no beginnings, can be enjoyed. The chemistry with the soybean flour also fits well and the sweetness is also moderate and smooth pudding is felt.

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